We offer a range of extras to compliment your campervan conversion. We manufacture our very own Campal thermal window blinds using the best quality material available, and for extra storage space, we offer an Outwell multi-purpose awning.


We know that not everybody's camping needs are the same, so here at Campal we can "tweak" our Campal campervan conversion units.  This might be extra storage, a longer drawer, a longer bed or even a dog cage!

All of our "tweaks" come with that special Campal quality, value for money and personal touch that we are very well known for.


Couples, families and friends will all appreciate the value of the extra space the ingenious Outwell Sandcrest S delivers for a more comfortable van life.

It’s designed for a variety of vehicles, with easily adjustable height options, perfect for camping and day trip use for cooking, as a day shelter or changing room.


Campal's campervan thermal insulated window blinds are suitable for a number of vehicles.

We use the very best thermal material available for cold and heat protection as well as solar reflection. Our blinds use reversible clips making them ideal for temperature regulation inside the vehicle.