Campal Split ®

Discover the Campal Split: Our signature camper conversion kit redefined.

This latest model boasts a stylish, innovative folding design, making it the ultimate in versatility and our most popular offering yet. Transition effortlessly from a standard double to a single camping box, complemented by a removable bed for those shorter trips.


3 Campal Split Berlingo Camper
4 Campal Split Berlingo Camper
8 Campal Split Berlingo Camper
6 Campal Split Berlingo Camper
10 Campal Split Berlingo Camper
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The Campal Split is not just functional but also beautifully crafted, featuring a mix of drawers and adjustable shelves for organized, customizable storage. It's fully equipped with a full set of cushions, a double burner gas stove, storage box, water container, and more, ensuring your camping experience is comfortable and convenient.

Installation is a breeze — no specialized tools or expertise required, and it's ready to use upon arrival. Enjoy features like a pull-out kitchen, central storage, and lockable drawers. The lightweight, durable birch plywood construction is weather-resistant and easy to clean, offering a choice of natural or black finishes.

Experience the freedom of camping with a design that accommodates your lifestyle and vehicle. For a tailored experience, modifications are available. Explore more about the Campal Split, a Registered UK & EU Design, and elevate your outdoor adventures.

Campal Split Berlingo MK2 Camper

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Dave Johnson

I opted to drive down to Sittingbourne to see my new Campal Split loaded into my Berlingo. Martin and Lisa are a pleasure to deal with, and they went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I was happy with the product, which I most certainly am. The quality of design, materials, manufacture, and assembly is obvious. Highly recommended!

Proudly Made In the UK

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1 Campal Split Peugeot Traveller

Convert your day car into a camper van.

The Details:

  • The price includes a full set of cushions, Outwell Olida 2023 double burner gas stove, grey storage box, 12l water container and pump tap.
  • Campal Split is completely removable. It is not fixed permanently to the vehicle.
  • Campal Split can be assembled and disassembled without the need for specialized tools or expertise. Ideal for easy storage when not in use.
  • It arrives fully built.
  • Campal split will give you the flexibility of a setting up as a standard double or single camping box.
  • The pull-out kitchen includes cutlery drawer, storage container, gas canister placeholder and additional table top with wine glass holder.
  • Central storage area, ideal for larger items.
  • Removable water container placeholder with front panel water level indicator.
  • Storage drawer with reversible lid. One side has cooling bars.
  • Large central rotating table top with two wine glass holders.
  • Additional central detachable shelf with pump tap access.
  • U shaped seating area.
  • Removable bed.
  • Removable drawers to allow for easy storage and handling.
  • Access to the drawers from inside the vehicle.
  • One end of the bed can be raised whilst the other is lowered (certain vehicles only).
  • Lockable drawers.
  • Choice of cushion colours available- black, grey, blue, teal-blue, orange, khaki and lime green.

Customise Your Campal

Upholstery Colours











Dark Turquoise

Teal Blue



Cushion Grey and Orange


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