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Custom built camping boxes

My Campal By Martin- 

Free consultation. Please call to arrange an appointment. 

Want to join the van life movement but don't have the skills, time or desire to build your own dream camper?

We can help!

Since 2016, we have designed a range of custom built removable camping boxes for small to large vehicles.

We know that not everybody's camping needs are the same, so here at Campal, we can either modify our existing Campal campervan camping boxes or we can even design and create a brand new Campal just for you, "My Campal"!

All of our Campal camping boxes come with that special Campal quality, value for money and personal touch that we are very well known for.

Our products are completely removable giving you the flexibility of using your vehicle as a day car and camper. There is no need to commit to a fixed conversion or own two vehicles.

Please have a look at our gallery below to see some of our work.

Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your individual needs and for a quote.

E: contact@campal.co.uk

T: 01795 716706